A Note From Shelby
From the time I was a young girl, I always had a passion for dogs. Our household always had one German Shepherd as well as rescue strays that my father would find and bring home to rehabilitate and keep.

After graduating from the University of Michigan in 2007 with a BA in History, I decided to follow my dreams and devote myself to working with animals. I feel so fortunate to be doing what I love day-in and day-out, and getting to share my knowledge with my clients has proven extremely rewarding.

Training a dog takes time and dedication and is not always easy. We are here to help make it as fun and rewarding for you as it is for us! We want to leave after a session and have you feel comfortable and excited to work with your dog. Each and every one of our clients is extremely important to us and will get the personal attention that they need!


Our goal is to work side by side with you and your dog until you receive your desired results.

Shelby Semel Dog Training uses all Positive Reinforcement  techniques .  The goal of Positive Reinforcement Dog Training is to make your dog want to work with you using a marker signal (the word "yes" or a clicker) to reward desired behaviors. This training is user-friendly and fun for the whole family to participate in - even young children! 

Shelby and her team promote a relationship between you and your dog based on cooperation and trust, rather than force and submission.  Old school methods using coercion are outdated and can lead to trust issues, fear, and aggression in your dog. Making sure your dog is comfortable around both humans and other dogs is of the utmost importance in New York City and therefore we utilize the scientifically proven and kind way!  

Our group classes and in-home private sessions are fun, informative, and innovative but at the end of the hour, we do not disappear!  We enjoy and encourage updates and questions via E-mail and phone as needed - free of charge!

Puppy socialization Class • Wallflower/adult shy dog Class • Basic Obedience Class • Intermediate Obedience Class • Advanced Obedience Class • Control Unleashed Class • Tricks Class • Request one you want! • Preparing you for new puppy! • Desensitization to NYC, sounds, and wheels! • Puppy 101 • Desensitization to handling and equipment • Crate training/House training • Setting up an appropriate schedule • Helping choose the right Vet, Dog Walker, Daycare, etc • Puppy Manners • Basic Manners • Basic Training • Advanced training • Preparing for Therapy Dog certification • Teaching new Tricks • Doorbell Excitement • Elevator Etiquette • Door Bolting • Impulse Control • Leash Frustration • Leash Aggression • Leash Manners • Separation anxiety • Dog Aggresion • Human Aggression • MultiDog Households • Resource guarding • New baby on way preparation • New baby introduction and adjustment • Puppy Matchmaking